About Us

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What is SLU?

SHELOOKUP(SLU) stands for looking up something to better themselves. We inspire individuals to express their unique beauty by embracing what delights them. Any individual should discover the beauty and lifestyle ideas without any boundaries.

Our Founder

SLU founder Katrina Chan was sharing her daily life story about moving from her hometown Hong Kong to Germany by blogging starting in 2016. Since then the blog has gained over 20k followers(and counting) to connect and exchange the daily activities with the community.

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Story begin

SLU story began in late 2018. Katrina noticed lots of concern about the skincare and health products causing tremendous health and hormonal impact on the Hong Kong market, leading to a demand of natural and wholesome products from Germany. With the believe of sharing is caring, Katrina then started to introduce products based on her vision for sharing. It resonated strongly with the community and she received waves of positive feedback.

She then diversified the offering by expanding from only deodorant to a series of skincare vitamin serums and natural honey from Bavaria Germany. In the following months over 20 selected products were introduced on the web shop which launched in 2019.

From online store to physical store 

K11 Art Mall 

In Oct of 2020, SLU opened a first kiosk in K11 Art Mall, we gained more experience of running a retail store with direct access to our primarily online audience and many new “offline” customers.

 Windsor House 

Meanwhile, we have opened another popup store at Causeway Bay Windsor House in Apr 2021. This opportunity has given us a great chance to increase our target and potential customer.

K11 Art Mall 

Shortly after reaching these milestones in Mid 2021, we have great success for the 3 existing stores, which facilitates SLU open new store in K11 Art Mall from popup store to physical store in Nov.

SLU is now a platform for our community to enjoy and exchange beauty and lifestyle ideas. At this stage we are privileged to connect and meet the needs of our beauty & lifestyle lovers on a daily basis with exceptional products from Germany and Australia. 

Our Philosophy

SLU is committed to import skincare products which are under EU Compliance, which have stricter standards for cosmetic products in comparison to other regions.

Ingredients and skin need to be compatible. Our core philosophy is, cosmetic ingredients must be as pure as possible and of the highest quality, and the formulations must be as simple as possible with no unnecessary ingredients additives.

SLU carefully choose products developed by skincare specialists in Germany with the most diligence. This means to prioritise skin health and all around well-being to directly benefit the skin without causing tremendous health and hormonal impact.


Pregnancy Friendly

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Natural Plant-based

Paraben Free

Non Toxic

PEGs Free

Minireal Oill Free

SLS and SLES Free